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Global Warming/Climate Change Scare Tactics Over the Years

From the Climategate scandal of 2011, where scientists were caught changing the measured temperatures from around the world to as to fit their agenda of Global Warming, or Climate Change as they have rebranded it, and facilitate their continued finding, to their mainstream spokes man, Bill Nye, there is never a rest from these scandalous…

Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations to cost one billion pounds

Welfare queens: London: Over 1 billion pounds is the expected bill for a UK-wide celebration to mark Queen Elizabeth II’s 90th birthday this year, according to a survey. Read more in the link below: [wp_colorbox_media url=”” type=”iframe” hyperlink=”READ MORE HERE”]

Shills: Paid Corporate and Government Propaganda Agents

In our conquest for truth, we at The Daily Digest have come across many, many instances where we have run into paid disinformants. It is no more than routine that, when discussing controversial issues, it is inevitable that you are going to run into shills. First of all, let’s define what a “shill” is.  According…